Friends of Bolin Creek (FOBC) is a non-profit organization committed to conserving and protecting the Bolin Creek watershed by promoting cost-effective, long-term solutions to enhance the environmental, recreational, and economic value of this unique North Carolina natural resource.

Barred Owl

FOBC advocates for actions that will protect the long-term health of Bolin Creek.  The group coordinates with the Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, the University of North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Water Quality, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to support restoration plans.

The Friends of Bolin Creek Conservation seeks to:

  • Describe the history, geology and economic impact of the urban watershed
  • Develop a community transit plan for bicyclists and walkers
  • Detail the array of flora and fauna within the watershed
  • Recommend improved storm water management policies
  • Evaluate land use and local ordinances to improve stream health
  • Identify the regional impact of this watershed
  • Calculate the costs associated with an impaired waters designation
  • Promote sustainable recreational us of Bolin Creek

Friends of Bolin Creek plays a key role in promoting community awareness of the need to protect the Bolin Creek Watershed. We take action by developing demonstration projects in schools and in the community to encourage practices that reduce pollution in our creeks. When the Conservation Plan Study is complete, we will recommend restoration strategies to the public, utilities, local government, and property owners within the Bolin Creek Watershed, and will assist in implementing them.

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