Candidates take positions on Bolin Creek paving

Four candidates are competing for three seats of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen on election day, Tuesday, November 8. This is second in a series of reports on interviews conducted by Friends of Bolin Creek with the Carrboro candidates.

Question: Recently, there has been much concern over how to protect the creek and forest of the upper Bolin Creek watershed, part of which is within the Carolina North tract. Do you favor preserving the Craig tract that adjoins the Adams Tract? Do you favor paving along the Upper Bolin Creek under any circumstances?  

Dan Coleman noted the Greenways consultant recommended paving but says he does not plan to make a decision yet as “things change over time”.  At  present he had no opinion on paving Upper Bolin Creek south of Homestead.  “It’s too soon”, he said, “for the Town to make that decision”. He thinks the Craig tract is too expensive to buy and does not see future funding for open space acquisition. He says he is concerned about the health of the creek and its ecology.

 Braxton Foushee said, “I’m not in favor of paving along creek.  I would not approve of it. He said the Seawell School Road route is already planned.  “My number one issue is to protect the creek down there… If I had to make a decision based on that I’d have to put the environment first. We can deal with transit. But the environment you’re into 50 years (sic. to repair it).” He would like to see the P.H. Craig tract preserved through conservation easements.

Michelle Johnson says preserving green space is important and she is in favor of preserving the Craig tract.  She favors biking trails but wants to protect the creek; she would probably vote against paving next to Bolin Creek.

Lydia Lavelle highest priority is to provide improved transit. “My vision for future trails would be a mix of surfaces.  Right now I favor paving next to the creek.”  However, she says she has an open mind and is always willing to talk to people about future decisions.

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