FAQ – Accessibility

Many times at Carrboro Day and afterwards we have been asked about accessibility to Bolin Creek.

We tell folks that Friends of Bolin Creek, a long standing organization working towards preserving Bolin Forest, has formed a study group:

of citizens with interest and relevant expertise to develop recommendations for a Conservation Plan for the length of Bolin Creek with a focus on the 425 acres made up of the 27 acre Adams Tract, the 77 acre Craig and the 325 acre UNC property. Friends of Bolin Creek will seek public, UNC and local government endorsement for this effort.

This group had its first meeting in April 2010. Attending were representatives from UNC, towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, as well and members of Friends of Bolin Creek and Save Bolin Creek.

The most important take away from this meeting was that UNC is receptive to the idea of preserving this area. Indeed they are already studying this.

What does this say about accessibility?

If things go well and a preserve is created, as part of creating this space, accessibility would be an integral part of the plans. In this way, accessibility does not require a paved transportation route through the most sensitive part of a forest, in the heart of a riparian zone next to the creek. Under the context of preservation instead of transportation, the goals and therefore the results are much different.

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