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Rules for Comments

“This is an Online Forum” where all persons are free to comment as they see fit. However, the following rules must be followed. When these rules are not observed, we reserve the right to delete or otherwise modify your comment.

  1. We are an advocacy group for keeping a 400 acre forest intact, but we will talk to anyone about solutions.
  2. Be nice, i.e follow the “golden rule” in stating your opinion, and don’t denigrate others..
  3. No vulgarity.
  4. Work hard to stay on topic. Links to supporting material are encouraged.
  5. Only original comments accepted here; do not post private emails or other people’s work.
  6. No trolling comments (posts put up solely to incite or taunt others).
  7. Be tough on the issue, not on persons with views other than your own.
  8. No excessive commenting or comments that attack a person or group.
  9. Comments not meeting these guidelines will not be published.


Save Bolin Creek owns and is responsible for all content on http://savebolincreek.wordpress.com. The moderators of this blog determine what is posted here and how it appears online.

Save Bolin Creek reserves the right to use anything posted here in printed materials online or otherwise. By commenting here, you give consent for your comments to be used in future publications on this blog or in other printed materials.

Any questions or private comments can be emailed to savebolincreek@gmail.com.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

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