FAQ – Relevant Studies

Bolin Creek Geomorphic Assessment: Potential Site Identification for
Stormwater Structures and Retrofits by EarthTech 2007

Stream Restoration at Baldwin Park

Tanyard Branch Stormwater Management Alternatives Analysis

Tanyard Branch Report: Tillinghast, Erica Desmond. 2011. Thesis: Stormwater Control Measure Discharge Standards to Improve Stream Geomorphic Stability. NC State University.

Bolin Creek Situation Assessment (WECO 2012): Involving the public in Bolin Creek watershed protection, restoration and education.

Caire, Michael Thure.  Thesis: Examining the recovery of Bolin Creek following the drought of 2002: effects of urbanization on resilience.  UNC Chapel Hill.

2012 Bolin Creek Watershed Restoration Plan

319-Grant Bolin Creek Watershed Restoration Final Report

Biohabitats Study for Carolina North Campus    Carolina North UNC Lands
UNC Assessment Report                                       Final Assessment

2003 Baseline Study

Biological Monitoring of Bolin Creek

Landscape with Wildlife for Orange County, Steve Hall and Haven Wiley. Parts I (1997) and Part II (1999)

Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Orange County, 1988, Triangle Land Conservancy

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