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Many signers of  our petition to Save Bolin Creek have added comments. Save Bolin Creek will gather some of them here periodically. You can help by continuing to introduce new people to this blog and by adding your thoughts at the bottom of this page in its comments.

Here is what others are saying.

As opposed to the new and admittedly innovative “green development” opportunities that Chapel Hill and Carrboro are pursuing (Greenbridge and others) as a means for economic invigoration, the area should be concerned with preserving the vast and important ecological facets that already exist here. The preservation of Bolin Creek is not only important but necessary for the preservation of our community’s vibrant environmental character. Please do not pave this green space.

– Sean McKeithan, Carrboro

On behalf of the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill, I urge to to serious consider the ecological impact of the proposed roadway. The Preservation Society believes our natural landscapes are as important as our architectural treasures in making our community a special and unique place.

– Ernest Dollar, Executive Director of the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill

the last of our areas natural areas…lets keep it around for our children to enjoy as we have….and their children. Once gone, there is no possible replacement. ever.

– Scott Conary, Carrboro

Pave along Estes so bikers are safe!

– Ruthann Harden, Carrboro


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  1. The page you’re thinking which had that link was deleted at your request, so it can’t be updated.

  2. Anna Li says:

    SAVE BOLIN CREEK. those are our cross country trails! we run those every day instead of the track because they’re so much easier on our joints and so much more relaxing. if you want to pave them, i will lay across them and refuse to move, and you will have to pave me too.

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