Claremont South

Reasons to oppose Claremont South:

  • Town goals. This proposal does not meet Carrboro’s walkability and biking goals.  There is no school bus service or public transit to this location.
  • Public safety. An estimated 2900 additional automobile trips (730 students times 4) each day to the Charter school would cause a public safety hazard on Homestead Road, already a busy road for commuters driving to four area schools, a day care center, and the Seymour senior center. Turning movements into the school for cars traveling west would be very dangerous.
  • Creek pollution.  Stormwater carries pollutants from parking lots and pavement into the creek. The plan would remove many more trees than the previously approved plan. The plan calls for pervious concrete pavers to meet town and state stormwater requirements. This system won’t work unless the pervious pavement is maintained after each storm event. The Town’s once a year maintenance plan will not be sufficient to ensure these facilities work function as intended.
  • Education. The for-profit charter school would drain 4.1 million dollars from our local school system. This school does not add value to our community as it would likely service out-of-district students.  The school lack the science labs, cafeteria, special needs teachers, and bus service that our local school system provides.

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