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Tell the Carroboro Board of Aldermen to send back the Claremont South proposal.

On March 21, the Carrboro Board will likely consider a proposal to construct a 735-student, for-profit school, and student apartment buildings on one of Carrboro’s most beautiful meadows that backs up to Bolin Creek and UNC’s Carolina North Forest.

Please urge the Board of Aldermen to reconsider this proposal for these reasons

Send an e-mail to the Mayor and Aldermen. Just follow the directions below. 

1.  Your e-mail to the Mayor and Aldermen will have more impact if you put it in your own words. It doesn’t have to be very long — a short paragraph is fine.

2.  If you only have time to forward a form e-mail, you can send or edit our letter below.

3.  Remember to include your name and address at the bottom of your e-mail so Board members know where you live.

4.  Just like putting the e-mail in your own words, creating your own subject line will have more impact.  Or just use “Claremont South.”

5.  Cut and paste these addresses in the address line:

Sample text:

Dear Mayor and Aldermen:

Please reject the proposal for Claremont South. This proposal does not meet Carrboro’s walkability and biking goals.  Since the school would provide no school bus service and public transit would not serve the school and apartments, Homestead Road cannot manage the additional traffic. An estimated 2900 additional automobile trips (730 students times 4) each day to the Charter school will cause a public-safety hazard for parents, children, and teen drivers using the road.

I am very concerned about the loss of the additional trees that will be removed with this plan and the location of a school, parking lots and play fields, all of which will  reduce the area available to absorb runoff carrying pollutants into Bolin Creek.  Pervious pavement will not help unless it is regularly maintained.

The for-profit charter school would drain 4.1 million dollars from our local school system. This school does not add value to our community as it would serve out of district students. It would lack the science labs, cafeteria, special needs teachers, and bus service that our local school system provides.

I respectfully request that the Board of Aldermen deny the plans for Claremont South.


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