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Save Bolin Creek has posted a petition which you may sign online. If you have friends or neighbors who can’t sign electronically we have a paper copy you may print.

Your opinion is important. We are continuing to collect signatures until we present them to the Mayor and Aldermen and Greenway Commission members.

12 Responses to Sign the Petition

  1. Alie Yarborough says:

    Please help to keep this precious resource around!

  2. Elizabeth Kellogg says:

    Keep it green

  3. Laura Wilson says:

    We need to keep bikes away from Bolin Creek. I think the bikers are responsible for most of the degredation of the creek area.

  4. Judy Tulchin says:

    We must continue to preserve what natural areas we have for the enjoyment of all.

  5. Tony Plutonium says:

    Uhm, Laura? As one who bikes, hikes and runs along Bolin Creek, my response to you is… phthththththth!!!!

  6. Zpora says:

    It would be very sad to lose this piece of the forest to pavement.

  7. Bart Bechard says:

    You can’t improve on nature – leave it alone! Thank you Save Bolin Creek volunteers.

  8. Carla says:

    There are species that will be unable to survive pavement of this area. Please leave this area unpaved, ungraveled, etc. The less interference from man, the better.

  9. Sara says:

    The natural trails are a gift. Please do not pave them.

  10. Matthew Pierce says:

    Don’t pave paradise. Please keep Bolin Creek trail as is.

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  12. Warren Grill says:

    Plenty of pavement already! Do not pave the woods.

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